Heroes Program

First Responder overcoming addiction

Through our Heroes Program we offer specialized addiction treatment for first responders and military. Our program focuses on the recognition and understanding of the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of addiction.

We also place a strong emphasis on resolving and healing from traumatic work-related events and experiences that are unique to first responders.

We have a “cultural need” for law enforcement, firefighters, military personal, and other “first responders” to be clean, sober and in control. Tragically however, these are the very people who can be most vulnerable to poor mental health and the disease of addiction.

Trauma and Addiction

A traumatic event such as an assault, accident, or combat violence can cause nightmares and intrusive memories. It’s also common for first responders to develop a fear of places and things that act as reminders of the trauma.

Over time, the memories, nightmares, and avoidance of these feared things may fade and become replaced with anxiety, depression, and emotional numbing caused by the initial trauma. Drug and alcohol abuse, relationship problems, job failures, irritability, and sleep disturbances can become the norm for first responders.

Read more about PTSD and Trauma.

First Responders: Addiction Treatment Tailored for You

Our experienced staff at Champion Center helps patients confront their negative life experiences and the resulting depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, stress, and grief over their involvement in combat or other crisis situations.

The history of trauma is assessed and evaluated and addiction treatment is guided with an individualized treatment plan specifically developed with each unique patient in mind. Our Heroes Program places a strong emphasis on embracing a holistic approach to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

A balanced, healthy life free from active addiction awaits you – come start your recovery journey with us at Champion Center.

Proudly Accepting TriCare

Champion Center is officially a Substance Abuse Disorder Facility with TRICARE insurance. TRICARE, a health-care program operating under the aegis of the United States Department of Defense Military Health System, secures health-care benefits for military personnel and retirees, as well as their dependents. Both types of TRICARE insurance – TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra – offer coverage for drug/alcohol rehabilitation. There are typically small daily co-pays.

Those with TRICARE insurance may receive approval for residential treatment if they have a substance abuse disorder diagnosis. Partial hospitalization may be approved if the patient has a significant impairment that interferes with normal functioning.

TRICARE Insurance
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Champion Center’s multi-stage addiction treatment program helps each individual heal from addiction and reclaim their freedom.