Breaking the Cycle of Isolation and Addiction

3 Tips for Rebuilding Personal Connections

  1. Remember that you are not alone in feeling alone. It’s easy to glamorize the lives of those around you and make assumptions. But, feelings of isolation and loneliness are more common that you think. According to a recent study of more than 170,000 people, the average adult’s network of friends and colleagues has shrunk over the past three decades. Don’t let feelings of isolation hold you back from building stronger relationships.
  2. Prioritize spending time with friends and family. While it may be easy to come home after a long day at work and watch hours of television – it’s important for your overall health to make time for friends and family members. Psychologists at Brigham Young University found that individuals with stronger social relationships were 50 percent more likely to survive over a given time period compared to those with weaker connections — suggesting that the effects of being alone are comparable to smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.
  3. Spend time doing activities you love. If you’re naturally shy and find it hard to talk to people that you don’t know very well, consider joining local clubs and sports groups that you enjoy. You’ll likely find that it’s easier to start a conversation with others who share the same passions in life.

Spending more time with friends, family and co-workers is an important part of addiction recovery. It can help you not only reduce your risk of addiction relapse, but more importantly, it can improve your overall health – mind, body and spirit.

Let Us Help You on Your Journey to Recovery

Anxiety, depression, grief, and loneliness can often be present in the lives of older adults, but if they are also addicted to drugs or alcohol, they can fall deeper into feelings of isolation and depression. Champion Center provides an environment conducive to the individual needs and abilities of older patients. Our seniors, surrounded by a non-confrontational group of peers, flourish in our intimate, age-specific addiction treatment. all us toll free at (844) 394-3767

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