If We Only Knew, If You Only Knew

writing a letter

If we only knew then what we know now. If we only knew what we should have done... If we only understood more. If we only knew to learn this much about addiction sooner, and not after it was too late. If we only knew that you were powerless to your awful disease. If we only knew it was steering your every move. If we only knew that it was behind everything you did that hurt us. If you only knew we would always forgive you. If we only knew you that just couldn't forgive yourself... If you only knew how much we regret not doing more.

If you only knew how much we want to turn back time. If we only knew that we didn't have much time. If you only knew how much we are hurting. If you only knew how many people love and miss you. If you only knew that everyone has forgiven you. Look around this church here today. The pews are filled. They are all here for you and they all love you.... If you only knew all of this just weeks ago, you would have saved yourself, and we would have been there to help.

If you only knew and if we only knew, you'd be sitting with us. At home. Not lying in a casket, bereft of life.

We miss you and love you dearly, Sean.

- Mom & Dad

Addiction isn't merely the self-inflicted problem of the user. It's a family disease. It's a friend's burden and responsibility. It's a societal epidemic. And it DEMANDS our collective attention. Knowledge is power and the key to beginning the journey of recovery. Education is our only combatant to this complex and deadly disease.

If you notice changes in the ones you love, don't sit idle. You can help them. TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Call 1-866-273-0868.

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